Written by Aimee-Claire Smith after attending a women's breakfast hosted by The Park Exchange at the Standard Bank Incubator in Rosebank:  Some of us came alone, others, in groups of two or three. There are 34 of us, all women. At 19, I am the youngest. At over 60, Tsakane Selesho is the oldest. The … Continue reading #HerStory


Creatives improving humankind

It’s Saturday morning and time for another Park Exchange event hosted at Grounded at Work- a workspace on most days that has been turned into a venue for hosting today’s event. Being my first time attending one of the events, I’m expectantly excited about the day’s offerings. I arrive early to help out with any … Continue reading Creatives improving humankind

Community Dinner – Creatives and Entrepreneurs

On Saturday 1 July, the Standard Bank Incubator was the home to the second Park Exchange Community dinner! The beauty of these gatherings is that, one never really knows what to expect! The atmosphere is determined by the particular guests that arrive that evening. Being a Pretoria girl through and through, I was feeling nervous … Continue reading Community Dinner – Creatives and Entrepreneurs

Community Dinner – a night of hope

I’ve kicked my shoes off under the table, the top button of my thrift shop shirt is undone and boy oh boy, am I exhausted. But I am exhausted in the most beautiful way. No, I am not being cheesy or flowery. I just haven’t felt this content, this giddy, in the longest time! Tonight … Continue reading Community Dinner – a night of hope

I’ve been a bit confused – #menAretrash

by Zuko Qusheka A while ago, I had a conversation with a friend about feminism. I told her that I don’t understand certain parts of feminism, especially its ‘militant’ approach to dealing with the male factor. I ask a lot of questions lately, it’s intriguing to hear a well thought out opinion that isn’t overshadowed … Continue reading I’ve been a bit confused – #menAretrash

A Time to Build

We are all aware of the crisis that South African politics and universities are in at present. In the midst of an underfunded education, a reckless cabinet reshuffle, a plummeting Rand and a president under fire, South Africans need to unite and think about what we, as individuals, and in our respective communities, can do … Continue reading A Time to Build

Deconstructing the South African Woman and Her Context

Intersexuality. Intersectionality. Female excellence. Business. Poetry. Pride. Women. To deconstruct the South African woman is not an easy thing to do. At the Park Exchange session on the 10th of September, we had three incredible women who shared with us some of their experiences of what it means to be a woman in South Africa. … Continue reading Deconstructing the South African Woman and Her Context

Deconstructing the South African Man and his context – GuyTalk

The role of the man in society is one that has been subjected to much change throughout history. Where does the modern African man find his place? At the Park Exchange, 3 young men came to shed some light on this topic. Theresho Selesho, Lehlohonolo Seremane Mokoena and Dennis Ngango all come from different backgrounds. … Continue reading Deconstructing the South African Man and his context – GuyTalk

“Are you woke?”Reflection on Ntokozo Qwabe

Reflection On Ntokozo Qwabe By Zuko Qusheka “Are you woke?”, this is quite an interesting question for me, it’s a question that one often hears from the young adults of today and in itself has been a point of debate amongst peers. Being woke, for those unaware, is related to mainly ones’ awareness of societal … Continue reading “Are you woke?”Reflection on Ntokozo Qwabe