The Park Exchange is a platform that was originally created to facilitate community discussions. The first Exchange happened in 2014 with the aim of creating a safe space for creatives, students and professionals to engage on pertinent issues that affect them as individuals, but more importantly as South Africans I always imagined conversations that would be messy, awkward, at times heated, or comforting and at times even boring; but always leaving each individual feeling different This could be a good different or a bad one, that wasn’t up to me. What mattered was that everyone left with a new perspective of themselves, the community around them and the world. This would ideally lead to social developments


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I’ve been a bit confused – #menAretrash

by Zuko Qusheka A while ago, I had a conversation with a friend about feminism. I told her that I don’t understand certain parts of feminism, especially its ‘militant’ approach to dealing with the male factor. I ask a lot of questions lately, it’s intriguing to hear a well thought out opinion that isn’t overshadowed … Continue reading I’ve been a bit confused – #menAretrash

Deconstructing the South African Woman and Her Context

Intersexuality. Intersectionality. Female excellence. Business. Poetry. Pride. Women. To deconstruct the South African woman is not an easy thing to do. At the Park Exchange session on the 10th of September, we had three incredible women who shared with us some of their experiences of what it means to be a woman in South Africa. … Continue reading Deconstructing the South African Woman and Her Context

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